Frequently Asked Questions
What are affinities?

What is a collection offer?
Collection offers are offers which apply to every token in a collection. By making a collection offer on wizards, for instance, any wizard holder would be able to accept your offer in exchange for a wizard they hold.

Is it safe to sign messages from Wyvern Exchange Contract? utilizes the Wyvern Protocol. When you list a token for sale or make an offer on a token, you will need to sign a message like the one below:

In this example, a wizard is being listed for Ξ10. The 'basePrice' value (towards the bottom) is displayed in wei, which is the ether value * 10^18. The exchange contract is the Wyvern Exchange Contract. The 'maker' address will be your own, while the 'taker' address will be the null address, indicating a public listing.
It is best practice to double check messages before you sign them to confirm their intent.

What is proxy registration?
Wyvern Protocol creates a personal proxy contract for each address to enable trading. If you've listed on OpenSea before, your wallet already has a proxy contract created. However, if this is your first time listing tokens for a particular wallet, you will be prompted to register a proxy contract before listing a token. In Metamask, the prompt will look like this:

Note the address in the top right is the Project Wyvern Proxy Registry.

What does it mean to set approval?
In order to list tokens on, you will need to approve your proxy contract to transfer them. This approval allows tokens to be transferred if a valid listing is filled, and can be revoked at any time. Approvals must be done per-contract, so separate approvals are required for Wizards, Souls, and Ponies. If you've already listed these tokens on OpenSea you will not need to set any additional approvals on In Metamask, the prompt to set approval looks like this:

Note the address in the top right is the contract of the token you're approving (in this case, wizards). The operator address, passed as a parameter in the contract call, will be the address of the proxy contract you've registered for your wallet.

Additional questions?
For all additional questions please contact @tv.